Well, This page is finally up because of popular demand. I hope you like it. It's under heavy consruction and will hopefully improve with time.

I've tryed to vary the level of difficulty so some questions will be really easy others will be pretty tough. Some answers may be found elsewhere on the site so no cheating. :)
Good luck and have fun.

1. What was Sam's dog named?

2. What was Grandpa's hobby?

3. What actor played Laddie?

4. What Lost Boys Cast member currently does ads for Dodge?

5. Who says "Death by stereo"?

6. How does Paul the vampie die, and who/ What is resposible?

7. Who is the last vampire to die?

8. A song blares when Dwayne (the vampire) is shot into the stereo with an arrow. Whats the song and who sings it?

9. Where was the movie (particualy the bordwark sceens) shot?

10. Why didn't Sam and Micheal's father move to Santa Carla with them?

11. What is Sam and Micheal's Last Name?

12. What is Gandpa's girlfriend's Name?

13. Who's picture is hanging on Sam's closet door?

14. What does grandpa use as "aftershave" when going out?

15. Who picture is hanging in the vampire's cave?

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