Jason Patric:Who is that Lost Boy?

From Teen Beat January 1988

(I know this it's cheesy But something is better than nothin' right?)

When you went to The Lost Boys last summer, you found Jason Patric who chilled you to the bone as prospective vampire Micheal Emerson. He's hunky and Hot, and here's more about him…

Jason was born in Flushing New York on June 17, 1966. His dad, actor Jason Miller, starred in The Exorcist, and his mom, Linda, a theatrical agent, is the daughter of the late Jackie Gleason, which makes "the great one" Jason's granddad. Jason's younger brother, Joshua, appeared in River's Edge, and his other brother, Jordan, runs his own production company.

With all this show biz connections, is it any wonder that Jason stared acting as soon as he moved to Los Angeles with his mom in 1982? His first roles were in stage productions at Santa Monica High School. He followed that by beating 150 actors for the lead in the anti-drug movie, Tough Love, which aired on ABC a few years back. Jason made his movie debut in Solarbabies, a Mel Brooks film, which also stared Jami Gertz. Jami and Jason are long time friends having also appeared in the Los Angeles play, Out of Gas on Lover's Leap.

Jason lives on his own in Los Angeles. Where he follows Rock and Roll and baseball. He says one of the best things to happen to him since Lost Boys opened was being able to sit next to Baseball Commissioner Peter Ueberroth on a flight to Los Angeles. And Jason can expect more good things to come his way after his next film opens.

In The Beast of War, Jason plays a soldier fighting in Afghanistan. The movie also stars Steven Bauer, and will be out next year. In the mean time stay tuned to teen Beat for more on one of your favorite Lost Boys, Jason Patric.

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