Cool Links

Here are some cool sites to take a peak at, (It's Not just vampires any more). A means It's a personal favorite.

Lost Boys Links

The Lost Boys  Another page dedicated to this very cool flick

Vampire Links


Vampyres Only This is the end all, be all of vampire sites. It has it all. Very worthwhile to check out.

Theatre des Vampires Lots of cool stuff including Dracula's Daughter, which is a page about Anne Rice, One of my favorite authors (as if you cared).

International Vampires Home Page  They have some cool stuff including a list of vampire music. (including the Lost Boys soundtrack).

A cool vampire Page This page is under construction but It has some really cool links. Especially one to Anne's (Rice, Of course) home page. It's cool check it out.

Powers Court A really great looking page with TONS of vampire links. It's worth stopping by just for the awesome graphics.

Misc. Links ('till I have a better place to put them)


Trauma A net magazine for Horror Fans. It has a huge list of links worth checking out.

The 80's Server Cool Site of the Day (Past Pics) If your trying to relive the 80's this is the place. The whole site is cool but this is my favorite page. It has lots of movies music and TV from the 80's. Check it out.


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