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He fearlessly fought fiendish vamipres in this summer's hit flick The Lost Boys. He boldly battled bullies in LUCAS. Is there anything Corey Haim can't do? Yup. Eat liver. "I have no desire at all to eat liver," Corey confirms. "I can smell it 50 paces away."

Of course, with two mega-hit movies and quite a few successful acting appearances, chances are Corey has his choice of the finest gourmet meals. So what does he chose?

"Pizza?" he says enthusiasticly. "I eat pizza every night. I make myself pizza if it comes down to that drastic measurement. Domino's Pizza is my number one choice right now."

Oops. Maybe we shouldn't have pizza endorsements. Let's change the subject and talk about acting-Corey could practically write a textbook on the subject!

"Well, my favorite roles so far are Lucas and Lost Boys," he notes, "but I've enjoyed all my acting jobs. I've goten to work with some great people. I've been really lucky"

And who's been his favorite co-star? "Oh geez, I don't know," he ponders. "Iguess my favorite female star would be a tie between Liza Minnelli (in the TV movie A time to live) and Dianne Wiest (Corey's mom in The Lost Boys). For male, Iguess it would be James Garner for Murphy's Romance."

Corey's Growing in leaps and boundsas an actor, and he says thats due in part to working with his famous co-stars, but he also says he studies all his performances after they appear on the screen. One thing he dosen't do, however, is watch the daily screenings (called "rushes" in the movie biz) of his movies-in-rogress

"I'd love to see the rushes," he admits, "but it's just not allowed because directors and also a lot of actors feel that if they see their work, and the director likes what they're doing, the actor might try to correct their mistakes. And then they'd be doing something the director deosn't like. I think it's pretty funny myself. When I look at me up on the screen, I don't think it's me up there afterwards. It's like it's someone else."

"Corey feldman and I did sneak into the screening room one day during Lost Boys," he smiles, "and all we saw was one scene going backwards. That was a real drag."

Earlier this year Corey also got involved in his first TV series, a situation comedy called Roomies with Burt Young. Unfortunately the ratings weren't high enough to keep the show on the air on a regular bais, but Corey says he'd still be intrested in a TV project- if the right one comes along. In the meantime, he has another project to keep him busy- music!

"I learned to play the synthesizer," Corey enthuses."Brooke McCarter (Corey's co-star in The Lost Boys) taught me how to play. I play keyboards and sing. I've written a couple of songs too. Someday I think it'll happen."

Asked what kind of music he enjoys, Corey is quick to answer, "Brooke's music. He and his roommate Steven Hays have this groupand they work together at their house. They make unbelievable music-the best music I've ever heard in History. I go over there whenever he's free. He's my best buddy."

Other than Brooke, Corey's also a big fan of Peter Gabriel and INXS ("I've got to see Peter Gabriel in concert the next time he comes to town," he insists).

So aside from movies and music, what else does Corey Haim do to fill his time? "I have a doggy, a Japanese Akita, who I live to play with," he smiles. "His name is Bobby John Trek Haim, so we call hi Trek. He's still a puppy. He obeys my mom and me...probably because me and my mom are the ones who feed him."

Trek was a replacement for another dog who ment a lot to the Haim family, and Corey still grow sad when he thinks about her. "her name was Blue, and she was a blue chow chow dog," he sighs "I don't know how she passed away. She ran away for awhile, and I looked for her and put posters up. Then one day my neighbor came out and she was crying, and I said 'what's wrong' Well, this lady loves animals, and she was saying, 'We have something that looks like a wolfor a raccoon or a bear in our backyard and it's dead.' I said, 'So what is it? A wolf, a raccoon or a bear?' and she says, 'All three, I don't know. It's big and blue and I'm afraid to go near it.'"

"That's when I said, 'Wait a' And I knew it was my dog. She was the best looking dog you'll ever see. I think she got hit by a car or something and she tried to run home , but she tripped and hurt heself. It made me cry a lot."

Fortunately, the Haims were able to give their new puppy Trek a happy home, and now the only times Corey has to cry is when the director tells him to cry for a movie scene.

"I's not hard to cry when I'm acting," Corey reveals. "I can even get to the point where my eyes water. They say 'cry' and I just get this weird feeling in my head for like half a second and then tears start comming. It's real weird- hard to explain."

And the one thing that's not for Corey to explain? "I want a screen kiss from Cybill Shepherd! I think she's stunning. She's a great actress. I want to act with her too. She'd be my choice for an ideal valentine too. One that says 'I want to marry you'" he laughs.

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